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Moonbase at MySpace MySpace
A social network; mainly to hold contact to bands/artists and colleagues.
Moonbase at Jamendo Jamendo
Upcoming artists and lots of good music under Creative Commons License.
Moonbase at MusicBrainz MusicBrainz
The Music Database. Period.

Read my articles in forums I participate in:

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German forum for broadcasters (requires registration). See also, a German insider magazine for radio people.

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Deutscher Internet-Radio Verbund (Organization of German webcasters)

Threads | Posts
The Music Database. Again.

Threads | Posts
The software to tag your music files with.

Threads | Posts
The people behind music fingerprinting and Portable Unique Identifiers (PUIDs).

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SpacialAudio Solutions
All-in-one solutions for smaller radio stations, for example SAM Broadcaster, SimpleCast.

Threads | Posts
Radio automation software for small but professional studios.

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Logitech SqueezeBox™
Network Music Players: Open source software + audiophile player hardware = no-compromise digital music and Internet radio.

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A very interesting Content Management System I currently build a project with.

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Everything and more about Voice-over-IP (internet telephony).

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About me

Electronics engineer, unconventional thinker, autodidact and selfmade-man, programmer, photographer, product manager, technical director of a newspaper, train manager/train guard, team manager, TV studio tech assistant, radio announcer, radio DJ ... and whatever I might have forgotten ;-) ... Probably not the easiest type to work with, but highly motivated.

Looking for some new ideas and opportunities to freshen up life... it's become just a little dull.


Why Moonbase? Well, standing back two steps (or 238,714 miles, in this case) sometimes just gives a better perspective...

I'd like to meet...

The love of my life ;-)

Visionary people to brainstorm and possibly build up a new life/new business opportunities with. Some ideas and unconventional thinking required—no blinders, please!

Colleagues and bands/artists, anytime. Naturally.


People—and what makes them tick. Media & Broadcasting. Music. Photography. Biking. Life. Intense so.

Buy me a beer

If I could help you, don't hesitate helping back. You'll get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside and you'll know that you've moved something by your own doing!

Thank you—I really appreciate it, and it'll certainly keep me motivated!


Matthias C. Hormann · Schlingener Strasse 3 · 87600 Kaufbeuren · Germany · Phone +49 (8341) 9979356 (time zone UTC+0100) · Fax +49 (8341) 9083161 · Email moonbase (at) quantentunnel (dot) de